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Welcome to our first edition of WrapitUP! WrapitUp is our monthly newsletter that will showcase our favourite designs of the month, our favourite vehicle recolouring projects, new wrapping tools and products, and give you tips and tricks for your own wrap project!

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Wrapping can be tricky but the right knowledge goes a long way no matter what you're trying to wrap!

This section will provide you at least one wrap tip or tutorial each month that will surely improve your wrapping whether you're a hobbiest or a pro!


Stuck on a pesky corner? Wrapping corners smoothly is a tricky thing to do, or at least it can be.

Try peeling the vinyl back about an inch from the corner, apply heat and stretch the vinyl around the corner until it tears. This will allow the vinyl to break cleanly and leaves absolutely no creases or folds! Try it!

- This works best on corners such as a fender where it meets the hood/door/windsheild of a vehicle-


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