Louis Armstrong

By Neveah Bienvenu

Nick Names

Louis Armstrong had many nicknames, but his favorite was Satchmo. He would tell the press, “No quotation marks, my name is Louis Satchmo Armstrong." When he got of the boat a, man trying to make a good appearance by being hip said, “Hey Satchmo!” The reason was because Louis had such a rough voice, he thought he said Satchmo in one of his songs.


Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong lived until 1971. He was born in 1901. When he was younger, he fired a gun to celebrate the Fourth of July. He was arrested and at only 11 sent to a boy's home. As he grew, he learned the trumpet and fell in love with playing it. Months later he moved to Chicago to play in a jazz band. In 1997 Louis Armstrong was the first African american to host a live broad cast. He is very happy. He had such a beautiful smile. He was also upbeat, and never down or yelling or angry.