Weekly Review

The Mans League

Week 9 Biggest Blowout

Looky hear young Suckamydicka out here trying to prove he aint the weakest link. Who would have thought a whole roster of #2s would step up, and Yes Russel Wilson is a #2. Suckamydicka was hit by the bye week and had to bench his #1s but it looked like he never benched them at all. Chris ivory pretty much filled the role Gore would have tooken if played and Kenan Allen looking like a young Demaryius Thomas also his tight end stepped up and did what a TE1 would do. An Elite squad this weak but a fluke with the flex even if he chosen Stevie Johnson over Patterson if would have never effected the outcome. Good Hustle Suckamydicka on a heavy bench weak, you MIGHT have a chance for the playoffs. Only tough part now is who to start for week 10? you have the players just need to fill in the spots.

Weeks Best matchup (My Opinion)

This week had such good Match ups I couldn't pick one!

Cuatro Nuevers vs HandsBud

I would have thought HandsBud would have taken this pie home eaten it and shit it out that day, but it wasn't until Thursday Night Football Halloween Night when we were thrown off our predictions of a guaranteed win by HandsBud when Shot ass Giovanni Bernard (Friend of the Podcast) Gassed so hard on Miami's D. Miami's defense pulled together 22 points for fantasy and probably could of had more if it wasn't for Bernard's elusive TD run which kept HandsBud silent and Cuatro ecstatic. A 22.40 lead is what Cuatro Nuevers went into Sunday morning games with, HandsBud was scared and lacked confidence, that's what happens when you play Cuatro Nuevers and his team you get scared. So Sunday was coming to an end the 2 managers were neck and neck Vinateri brought HandsBud up 1 point leaving it up to one player on each team to make it or break it. It was Lacy vs. Jordy Monday Night whoever did better won the week. 2 elite Players guaranteed to put up! that was the thought until a 1st quarter accident that took QB Stud Arron Rodgers out the game and closed the chances for Cuatro to see his oh so valuable W disappear from his eyes. We all know what happens when a QB leaves the game, it's pretty much abandon Ship or in there case The Pass Game! It also means ALL ON BOARD for the LacyTrain! And it was what we thought It was. Lacy slaughtered the Chicago D to shreds with an impressive 150 yards and a walk in touchdown! With a performance like that Jordy was doubtful to counter, So Cuatro Nuevers Shriveled up into a ball drank some warm milk and probably had his mom Tuck him in at night telling him ever so softly "Maybe next week Hun". What a Sweet Sweet Victory for HandsBud there's one thing though? Why were you scared?

2nd Best Matchup (My Opinion)

Hernandez notso TE vs Little Giants foo

Hernandez notso TE YOU HAD THIS ONE! Why did you bench Amendola?! I was so surprised because knowing you, first off you traded your Seattle defense for him an elite Defense (thank you by the way) but also you do the most research in the league and I am sure you knew he was active and starting! Benching Amendola was clearly the mistake of the week not only would it have given you the win but it would have also put you up in the Ranks to 7th place! A spot you want to be in coming into week 10 with only one more month before playoffs. But to be honest we all make those damn mistakes that eat at us during the whole week. Just remember it's "Fantasy" Football don't go on a shooting Rampage and if you do, DO IT on GTA5.

Little Giants is a threat you guys just because he's not the biggest on group me doesn't mean he's not afraid to beat you. Yes Little Giants is scared of us and yes he lives in the BANOS but he's clearly a playoff contender tied with Dollar&aTeam with a 7-2 record he might be in it for a long run. If there is a time to beat Little giants week 10 is the time. What is he going to do with Rodgers out for 2-4 weeks? that was an elite you cannot replace. Cuatro Nuevers show this man he's not invincible this could be your week

That's it for week 9, week 10 will start to show who's playoff spot Holders and who's going to have to wait for next season