New England Cuisine


  • Lumber and Cod
  • Atlantic ocean
  • Rocky soil, many trees, good seaport
  • Appalachian Mtns.


Baking foods was common. Only used local ingredients. Native Americans influenced cooking methods. "Yankee" dishes thrived from the early puritans and the Native Americans. The Caribbean influence was molasses, honey and rum.

Major Tourist Attractions

Cultural influences of new england cuisine

Best known dishes

History of new england cuisine

A dish from each state

Connecticut: thin crusted pizza topped with garlic, oregano, olive oil, and some cheese with local clams

Maine:a sandwich from Maine that bypasses the seasonings and celery, so that the lobster flavor is more prominent

Massachusetts: creamy milk-based chowder filled with potato, bacon and clams with oyster crackers

New Hampshire: corned beef, veggies cooked in beef broth and a horseradish sauce

Rhode Island: Lobster ravioli

Vermont: Buck wheat pancakes