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Customer Reviews - I've been a personal training client of the lab since September 2014. I have a main trainer but have also trained with several other trainers and they are all great. Their workouts are really creative and fun I almost don't mind how hard they make me work. I'm continually amazed by my progress. I've also participated in the cardio kickboxing group class. It's really fun and you get to punch and kick away the calories and your hard day at work. I've observed the MMA classes and they are exciting and intense. I've also seen some amazing high school and college athletes training there - that's always inspiring. The space is big and even when it's crowded you can still get in the zone with yourself or your personal trainer. It's always really clean. No mirrors - like at a typical gym which is great. They have all the traditional gym gear but what makes the lab notable to me are all the non-traditional items the boxing/MMA section with a cage, excellent padded floor, 9 bags hanging for group classes, gloves, etc. I also love the recovery area with the Noramtec recovery systems, chiropractic roller beds and various items to help with sore muscles, mobility and flexibility. -Gloria L. So are far, I have been training at the lab for more than a month and after trying several different training methods, I have come to realize that it doesn't get any better than this facility.- Tameer Bakkar The Sport Specific Training here is everything and more than i could have asked for. The improvement in my athleticism and performance towards hockey has sky rocketed throughout my training. -Seth Ensor
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Ways to Get Close to Perfection

There are not many things you guys need improve on, but there are some ways you guys could get more people to join your elite program. A way you can get more people into the program is by advertising more and just getting the word out to people so that they know about your facility . People would want to come to your facility just by hearing who works there. You need to get the word out about your facility so more people would come to train there. Another thing we need to work on is our marketing and packaging prices therefore the company can do better and increase the incomes .
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Hard Working Employees

Everyone at our facility are hard working employees that always try to help our customers make their goals achievable. They also come in with great attitudes and show the customers how great our facility is and how we can help change their lifestyles for the better . Another thing is that customers love how dedicated and hard working the trainers are and how they don't play around when it comes to getting the customers goals achieved.