The Spanish Inquisition

Punishment shall overwhelm heretics!

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition"

The Inquisition was a Roman Catholic tribunal for punishment of heresy. These heretics were sentenced at an act of faith. The inquisition was instituted by Pope innocent III in Rome. These inquisitions (Spanish and Portuguese) were relatively in central and western Europe. In the beginning, the Inquisitions mainly dealt with Christian heretics, until the discussion of Maimonides' books, which talked about harassing Jews, the people also sentenced Jews after reading these texts. Spanish Inquisition began in 1481, The Jews and Christians were the main target because of their close relations to the Jewish society.

The Inquisitions at Work

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-What does the word "inquisition" refer to? Used by the church to enforce punishment for those found guilty of heresy. Inquisitors would go out questioning people, conduct tribunals and harshly discipline the heretics. Many of these targets in different regions were Jews, Christians, Muslims and Protestants.

-what were punishments like... burning at the stake would be one. One document gives out contexts about victims being hung and about 2 percent were burned.

-The Spanish inquisition began under Ferdinand and Isabella and didn't end until the 19th century. The first inquisition was appointed by the pope (1198-1216) in Rome .