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Sled dog runs away and is nowhere to be found!

Breaking news!

Buck, an olden husky, who is also the leader of his sled team, has absconded away from his team and left the city wondering, "where did our beloved dog go?". One of our crew members has recently found him working with a man named John Thornton. For a while, we have stealthily watched them travel, hunt and eat. They have been working together for a period of time, but one day as we were coming to observe, we have found John and his other team members killed by others who are still unknown. We have decided to hold a funeral for all of them, but as we did, we spotted Buck running with a pack of wolves, we assume that he is one of them now.

Buck's Interview

After the tragic death of John Thornton, we have decided to ask Buck a few question about the journey from his point of view

Interviewer: "So, Buck, you have travelled with more than 5 owners, and you have also been abused by your first one, so I must ask you, how did you manage to stay tough when you had your first owner?"

the thought of being struck by a cold, hard club made Buck shudder.

Buck: "I have learned how to deal with it and as soon as I got used to it, I have learned how to deflect the strikes even if I am in extreme pain and agony."

The interviewer looks puzzled, but jots down every detail as Buck babbles on about the torment of being with his old owners

Interviewer: "How did you become the leader of your pack? How hard was it to work towards being the boss?"

Buck finally sat up straight, he pressed his paw against the floor and his claws dug into it, he seemed aggravated but he shook his head and began to speak

Buck: "Well, being leader means being tough and looking after your team, that's not what Spitz did, no, he was the old leader and a bully, he was never a good leader and never will be, he would only torture the other dogs in our team, so I killed him and they made me leader because I was the toughest dog on the team."

Interviewer: "So when did you finally release your inner alpha dog and become tough?"

Buck looks down for a second, his face has regret written all over it, but he shakes it off

Buck: "Well, I didn't feel right punishing the dogs, no, I do not like killing at all, but once i sank my teeth into my enemy (Spitz) neck, I knew from that day that I wasn't a delicate house dog, I was powerful , I was a leader, and I was gonna make my team better even if it goes down to beating them."

Buck felt proud, he had conquered one of the strongest dogs, he loved being the leader and wanted to ramble about it more but the interviewer cut him off with another inquisitive question

Interviewer: "Who has helped you realize things about being tough?"

Buck: "Well, my owners have only taught me how to be more rough, but tough, that's a different story, John Thornton taught me how to be tough but in a good way. He would not punish me for no reason, and I have always felt stronger when I was beside him, too bad that he is dead now... I really miss him"

Buck all of a sudden became silent and he stares at the interviewer, looking miserable and inconsolable,

Interviewer: "What have you learned from this entire journey that you have taken?"

Buck looks up and thinks for a moment. he thinks about being kidnapped and abused, he thinks of his friends being killed, he thinks of the love that John Thornton gave him

Buck: "I have learned that being strong when life gets hard can earn you great things, like a great owner, and being there for others is always a good thing, especially for the people you care about."

John Thorton

John Thornton was a very sympathetic man, he loved to spend his time hunting, whittling and exploring. He was an extremely caring person, and was passionate towards every living thing. He has also done many heroic acts such as saving an abused dog from getting killed. This dogs name was Buck, and he became John's loyal companion. John has always treated everyone with respect. His will and legacy say that someone must take care of Buck if he ever passes away. He has been killed by a group that is still unknown, our team has found him and 3 others dead in the forest. Many people will mourn for the death of this amazing person. The creature that mourned the most for him is Buck. After the death of John Thornton, he ran away and was never to be found again.

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