The book: A Wrinkle in Time is about a boy and his sister who go on an adventure to find their father who was lost the night of a terrible event when he was tempering with his science equipment. So Meg and Charles decide to go on an adventure to save their father from what ever that took him. They encounter 3 old women who decide to help Meg and Charles they also meet a boy named Calvin who helps them as well. So gang must go to find where Meg's father is without getting in trouble. We all know that won't happen.

Was The Book Good?

The book was an alright in my opinion there were lost of twists and turns and also there a was a pinch of action and comedy. The characters are lovable and very and memorable most of the charters were either down right happy or so awkward it's funny.

The Author

Madeleine L'Engle Camp was born in New York on November 29, 1918, and named after her great-grandmother, Madeleine L'Engle, otherwise known as Mado. Her maternal grandfather was Florida banker Bion Barnett, co-founder of Barnett Bank in Jacksonville, Florida. Her mother, a pianist, was also named Madeleine. Her father, Charles Wadsworth Camp, was a writer, a critic, and a foreign correspondent who, according to his daughter, suffered lung damage from exposure to mustard gas during World War I (in a 2004 New Yorker profile of the writer, relatives of L'Engle disputed the mustard gas story, claiming instead that Camp's illness was caused by alcoholism.

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