Week of November 12th...

LA Staff News


Monday: (Veteran's Day Observed)

Unless you shared on Friday, please show this video TODAY in honor of Veterans' Day



Wednesday: Depart at 11:30 for Thanksgiving meal at PVBC



Innovation School Tour at LA

To do this week:

-Show Veteran's Video on Monday

-Take Student Device Survey (information below)

-Finalize your 2019 Benefits if you have not already (information below)

Upcoming dates to note:

-Next week is Thanksgiving. No school Wed-Fri.

-We are nearing CPR (anyone who took health), EOC, and MO/US Constitution Testing season!

-12/6 @ 1:30--LA Data Consult

Benefits Enrollment Deadline TUESDAY!

Please confirm your 2019 Benefit Enrollment no later than November 13 by doing one of the following:

  • Log into the Keynet employee portal using your District username and password. Once you have made all your selections, don’t forget to sign at the bottom of the confirmation page; this last step is required to finalize your enrollment.

  • Speak with an Avant Benefits Counselor via phone by calling (844) 259-4567.

As of last week, 13 of us still needed to enroll.

Input on Future Student Devices Needed

We are in the process of gathering data for our next student device refresh. The next refresh will be the FY21 school year and while that is still over a year away, we are wanting to gather as much information as soon as possible.

Below is a link for a survey that we would like all staff members to complete. We are asking that the surveys be completed by the end of the day on November 16.

The information we gather will help us with the options that we have so please participate.

High school: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J96KPCV
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Essential Oils May NOT Be Diffused

From Central Office:

Over the last year, we have seen an increase in the desire to use oils and diffusers in the school setting. Essential Oils of any kind (diffused for inhalation, rubbed on skin, or ingested) are considered “herbal medications” where a doctor's order is required to administer (per Board Policy JHCD). We cannot diffuse essential oils through the air in our schools. It is in essence administering a medication. Therefore, unless there is a doctor's order received for a student, district personnel are prohibited from diffusing essential oils or other substances into the air, putting on students' skin, or ingesting.

As a school and workplace, we are required by law to provide documentation in the form of a material safety data sheet (SDS) for every hazardous and potentially hazardous chemical that we store in the building. This includes essential oils used in ultrasonic diffusers and air fresheners. For the reasons above, please understand that the devices that diffuse chemicals into the air cannot be used in our schools.

Small Mall is Coming

Small Mall Collection Idea #5:

Share the flyer below five times!!

Ideas: your family members who like to share the love at Christmas, your spouse's work family, your Home Owner's Association FB group, email it to your book club, church group, or five of your friends!

An electronic flyer is below. Please help us out by sharing!