The Adventure of everlasting life

the family that stays the same forever By: Heavyn Marshall


After talking with Winifred

Foster on August 3rd, the Sheriff

reported that her grandmother

could not find Winnie

after she went outside to play in

the front yard.

She loves exploring and

meeting new people so she is

not afraid of strangers. On the

day she was reported missing,

Winnie was wearing a white dress.

The night before she went missing

was the night the that the

strange man in the yellow suit

came around and began talking

to Winnie. The sheriff does

believe there is a connection

between the them.

Winnie’s grandmother also

recalled hearing the sounds of

the elves and thinks that Winnie

may have gone in to the woods

to figure out where the music

was coming from. Officials are

not ruling out any information at

this point. Please help Treegap

to find a young girl.



The Man in the Yellow Suit is a man in search of the Tuck family which is Angus, Mae, Miles, and Jesse Tuck. He is also looking for Winnie Foster, a young 10-year-old girl which is with the Tucks. He heard stories from his grandmother about the spring water that keeps the Tucks "living forever".


Winnie is a very lonely little girl. Her parents keep her cooped up and she is unable to have friends. Other children view her to perfect to play with. This is a false image that her family has made for her. She views the Toad as a friend that will listen.


Mae Tuck goes out to meet her sons, Jesse and Miles, for their 10-year reunion near Treegap. Meanwhile, Winnie Foster, bored and cross, tells a toad that she will soon run away. That evening, a stranger in a yellow suite comes by the foster home and stops to ask some questions. As they talk, they hear music coming from the nearby wood. The next day Winnie goes walking in the wood, which is owned by her family. She comes across Jesse Tuck sitting under a large tree and drinking from a spring. When Winnie tries to drink, Jesse stops her. Then Mae and Miles appear. Alarmed at Winnie's discovery of the spring, they kidnap her. Winnie learns that the music she heard comes from Mae's music box. She also learns the Tucks' secret: the water in the spring is magic and has made them ageless. They are all exactly the same age as the day they first drank it many years ago. Despite her worry at being kidnapped, Winnie finds the Tucks kind and rather sweet. At their home, she meets Angus, the father.


He is the one who is most affected by his immortality. He dreams often that he and his family are in heaven and have lived their lives, rather than being alive forever and impervious to harm. He envies the Man in the yellow Suit, because he has been able to die and he tells Winnie that he would give anything to be mortal. However, he is a good man who goes on with his existence, looking for meaning in what he does, and making sure that no one ever drinks from the spring.


She is a little ten-year-old girl who changes and grows up over the first week of August in the year 1880. She is just beginning that stage of her life where she will try to assert her independence and face the world all by her self . She decides to break her parents’ rule and go into the wood they own across the road. There she discovers Jesse Tuck and the spring of immortality that he begs her not to drink. She comes to know him and his family over two or three days time and learns to love them while they come to love her as well.


He is the oldest Tuck son and the one who is most levelheaded. He is a carpenter and a blacksmith and tells Winnie that he wants to find a way to do something important even though he is going to live forever and no one must know that. He had been married when he discovered his immortality and lost his wife, daughter, and son, when she went away from him in fear of witchcraft. He has never forgotten them, however, and often wishes his life had been different. Like his brother, he leaves home in search of his goals with the promise he’ll return to his family every ten years to reunite as a family


It is Winnie’s first friend and seems to be everywhere she is, which offers her comfort and hope. It is the main symbol in the motif of metamorphosis or change, and because it’s always with Winnie, it also symbolizes the metamorphosis that takes place in her over that first week in August, 1880. When she sacrifices the bottle of spring water to keep the Toad safe forever, it is representative of her desire to follow the natural cycle of life and her compassion for those she loves and the world itself.

Mae Tuck

She is the mother of the immortal family and loves Winnie. Like her husband, she is sad that she will never die, but unlike him she moves on to live forever in the best way she knows how. She is very different from Winnie’s mother who is always dressed with a tidy clean house. Mae is a deplorable housekeeper and she wears reglar clothes, but she is just as loving as Mrs. Foster. She is also much stronger than Mrs. Foster, because she willingly kills a man not only to protect Winnie, but also to protect the world. In the end, she’s sad that Winnie chose life with death rather than Jesse, but she is also realistic and moves on.