Book on a boy named Conor Broekhart

about Airman

This book is about a boy named Conor Broekhart who wants to build a flying machines and fly around the world. He meets his guy named Victor who becomes his mentor who teaches him how to fight and how to build flying machines. He runs into a lot of bad situations. like when a bad guard killes the king of the land and blames victor for it which in turn sends Conor to a far away prison. but Conor nows how to stay alive and he builds a flying machine that takes him away just in time.

what I liked about the book

I really liked this book because it was very suspenseful from beginning to end. I also like it because it talks about things that interest me like airplanes. It is also very interesting and it is a book about long ago times and it is written so well you think this might of actually happened.

would I recomend this book

I would recomend this book to anybody who wants a good thrilling book. This book is not apart of a series but he makes the Artomus Foul Books that are a big series and I here that they are also very good to read.

was this a well written book

This is a very written book. the text was easy to read and fun to read. the author made it so that it made you want to keep reading and not want to put it down. I want to read more from this author just because it was very exciting from the very beginning and never stopped until i finished it.