Interpreting Scatterplots

Zack Gomez


  • A scatterplot is a graph of data points
  • Scatterplots have trends that we call correlations
  • Positive correlations have a trend that continues up (positive)
  • Negative correlations have a trend that continues down (negative)
  • Constant correlations have a trend never changes that stays the same (constant)
  • No correlations are points on a graph scattered randomly


The graph above represents the decline of leave on a tree thru the months of July - January. What type of trend is shown on the graph?

Key questions

  • Why don't the points have a line connecting them? There is no fraction data
  • How are constant correlations and no correlations different? No correlations do not a have a trend to follow, constant correlations follow a repeating trend going left to right
  • Why does this graph have no correlation? If the data you received is none constant and is unpredictable