By: Ryan C.

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What? Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and teacher. . Little was found about his family, but his father was said to be a soldier and a man of great strength. His mother was not the fathers wife and was much younger then him. The only thing we know about his childhood was that he lost his father early. Which later followed with the death of his mother.As a young man, he held minor offices, first overseeing stores with the task of keeping accounts, and later taking charge of sheep and cattle.

When? He was born on August 21, 551 BC in Tuo China and died on November 21, 479 BC in Qufu, China.

Where? He was born in Lu, near modern Qufu.

Why? Confucius was imfortant because he was a philosopher and a teacher. Also because he did a lot in his time such as traveling.

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