Dream Team Weekly Newsletter

February 15th-19th

What are we doing?!

This week our focus will be on President's/Black History! We will research and learn about important African Americans and important historical things that our past and present Presidents did! Our reading focus this week will be on character analysis. We will use thinking maps and written response questions on character analysis. In math, we will continue rote counting (all students). First grade will work on dividing objects into equal parts (introduction to fractions). Kindergarten will work on word problems and deciding if the vocabulary in the problem means to add or subtract! In writing, our focus this week will be detail in both words and pictures. Last week was better for writing, but please continue to make sure your child knows the importance of producing quality work. For Spot-and-Dot this week, we will continue to review all skills taught and finding the missing higher level word to go into our sentence.

Fluency Phrases

Please make sure that you are allowing your child to read their Fluency passages to you each night! Please remember that this is a 1 minute timed reading. They read as many words as they can. If they read a word incorrectly or skip a word subtract that from the total words read at the end. I test them on each Monday and Friday and hope that they have practiced it at home Monday night-Thursday! I have recorded their time from today on the bottom of the passage! If you have any questions let me know!

Dream Team Behavior :(

It breaks my heart to even have to address this but it is something that I think all parents/guardians need to be aware of. As a whole class, we have really been pushing our limits as far as behavior is concerned. I know that everyone is more comfortable at this point in the year, but it is also crucial that each and every child is following the rules. Due to state regulations, teachers/school personnel are very limited in consequences that we can give children. As a result of this, I truly think that children tend to see just how much they can get away with. With all this being said, I am asking for you help. I want to finish out the remainder of the school year doing fun and engaging activities, but students must make sure that they remain in control and are following the rules. I have had a talk with my sweet babies and have told them that they will have to start making phone calls home if their behavior doesn't get back to where I KNOW that it should be. I have seen the Dream Team at its best and know what each and every child is capable of! I know that with the help of everyone we can get our classroom/school behavior back up to par! Thanks for your help in this matter (:

AR Points!

This 9 weeks I will try my best to keep you updated on AR points! Each child is working to get a total of 5 AR points throughout the 9 weeks to earn a trip to the AR Party at the end of the 3rd Quarter! Here are last weeks point totals! Keep working hard, super readers! You rock!

Kindergarten: Jeremiah (0.5), Kayson (0.9), Drew (3.5), Tyrus (1.2)

First Grade: Camiree (0.9), Azia (1.0), Donovin (0.8), Jamarion (1.0)


Please keep in mind that library books are due back each Monday. Also remember that if your child would like to take an AR test on their library book they must read it at least 2 times prior to taking the test. This may mean reading it twice in one night or that may mean reading it for 2 nights, whatever your child prefers to do is fine!

Also, PE is on Tuesday. Please make sure that your baby wears appropriate shoes on Tuesday so that they may participate in the activities during PE!

No School!

Friday, Feb. 19th, 7:30am-3pm

Covington Street Elementary School

No School for students! Enjoy your Friday off!

Parent Teacher Conference

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 12:15-6pm

Covington Street School

Please make sure to sign up for a time to meet for Parent Conferences! We will have some important data to discuss and I'd love to meet with every parent/guardian! I will send your time home THIS Wednesday! I look forward to meeting with everyone!

Black History Program

Monday, Feb. 29th, 6pm

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

Please be on the lookout for more information! Your baby is playing a part in the opening of the program!

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