Iran Hostages crisis

by Cecilia trejo and Miguel rodriguez

Iranian hostage crisis

On November 4, 1979 a group of students from the U.S. embassy in Tehran took over 60 American hostages this happened because carter decided to let Iran's deposed shah and shah had been expelled from his country and had came to America fro a cancer treatment but that was.however the hostages was to show a more dramatic way of showing there revolutionaries way to declare a break with Iran's past and to end american interference in its affairs.

On January 21, 1981 the student set their hostages free 444 days had past. After the crisis began just an hours after Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address.may people this that the hostages situation was the cause of why reagan didn't run for president his second year.

Important terms & people

The SHAH: Another subsidiary style of the Ottoman and Mughal rulers was Shah-i-Alam Panah, meaning "King, refuge of the world". Some monarchs were known by a contraction of the kingdom's name with shah, such as Khwarezmshah, ruler of the short-lived Muslim realm of Khwarezmia, or the Shirvanshah of Shirvan.

OPERATION EAGLE CLAW:. The operation was supposed to send an elite rescue team into the embassy compound. However, a severe desert sandstorm on the day of the mission caused several helicopters to malfunction, including one that veered into a large transport plane during takeoff. Eight American servicemen were killed in the accident, and Operation Eagle Claw was aborted.

Jimmy carter: the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter struggled to respond to formidable challenges, including a major energy crisis as well as high inflation and unemployment. In the foreign affairs arena, he reopened U.S. relations with China and made headway with efforts to broker peace in the historic Arab-Israeli conflict, but was damaged late in his term by a hostage crisis in Iran.

Ronald Reagan: would move in. As the clock ticked the time away, Carter tried to resolve a crisis that had almost destroyed his presidency. He was close, very close, and as he said, "At stake were the lives of 52 precious human beings who had been imprisoned in Iran for 444 days–and almost 12 billion dollars of Iranian asset