World World Two Refrence

By: Anna Guthrie

Numbering The Stars

In social studys we have been reading the book called "Number The Stars" by Lowis Lowry. This is a historical fiction peice about a family that lives in Germany at the time. Some chapters contain realistic scenes that are likley to have happend in the past.



I would recomend this book to anyone above the age of 10. Because of some of the discriminitory content. For example the Natzis, "Mistreat the jews" on page 67 by forcing them to scrub the streats. And on page 112 Germans force families to go into hiding. Wich might be slightly heavy for some children.

Main Problem

The main problem in the story "Number The Stars" is when the nazis invade. The Johanson family deals with this by taking there friends who are jews and they put them into hiding.

Quotabel Quotes

- " The less you know the braver you'll be."

- " We will stick together."

- " We will go through great causts for people we love."