by khavin :D

How our rubbish affects albatrosses

One of the threats is from rubbish floating in the sea the albatrosses will think of it as food and eat it then become horribly sick and will probably die.Some albatrosses eat the rubbish and give it to their hatchlings
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How do introduced animals affect albatrosses

Introduced animals hunted the albatrosses and their eggs these animals are rats,mice,cats and other animals and is reducing the population of the albatrosses.

Albatrosses getting hunted?

Albatrosses are being hunted by Europeans that want their feathers. Europeans "fish" for them and sometimes a albatrosses gets hooked and dragged down and drowned.Then later get their feathers
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Oil spills

Albatrosses are affected by oil spills that cover the sea and where they hunt they will be blinded and drown and when washed up will it will only be a dead bird covered in oil
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