The French Revolution


The French Revolution was a very harsh time

During the French Revolution a lot of people were very sick in the head and did a lot of messed up things to the people. A few of these things they used to do is hold public hangings and beheadings. This is disturbing and most of the people enjoyed it and encouraged more of it, a lot of people supported public hangings.

Bad Kings

The people of France were very out spoken about their rulers. Durring the rein of King Louis XVI they forced him to be publicly hung.

King Louis XVI

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The Reign of Terror

The rein of terror was when a lot of people were being hung. 40,000 people were sentenced to be hung. This was a frightening time most prisoners were just killed instead of being locked up.

The Constitution of 1791

The first constitution of france was adopted in 1791 and declared the rights of men. It was created by the National Assembly. It wasn't very fair to lower class citizens.

The Constitution of 1795

The last constitution didn't last very long. The french adopted a new constitution with better rules and rights for the people. They go through a lot of constitution never seeming to get the right one. The settled with this one.