Causes of the American Revolution

Fight for Liberty or Die

Mercantilism/Navigation Acts

Mercantilism: an economic theory that states as a nation's trade grows, its gold reserve increases, and the nation becomes more powerful.

Britain pretty much used the colonists to add to it's power - of course, it was at the colonists' expense.

Navigation Acts: to make sure the colonists benefitted Britain and Britain only, the Parliament passed the Navigation Acts which pretty much said the colonists can only trade, buy and/or sell goods with Britain.

This limited the colonists' wealth which resulted in smuggling (illegal trade). It also created more tension between the two.

Boston Massacre (1770)

Colonists were on the streets, protesting against the Townshen Acts and throwing rocks, snow and dirt at the British soldiers when the British soldiers heard something that sounded like a gunshot. The soldiers freaked out and opened fire at the colonists. Five colonists were killed.

The event was exaggerated (hence the name, the Boston 'Massacre'), but it was still a tragedy.

Quartering Act of 1765

The British Parliament passed the Quartering Act in 1765 stating that colonists will provide housing, food and necessary appliances for British soldiers working in the area.

Colonists, however, resented it because they thought "why should we? It's our house and property".

Townshend Acts of 1767

The Townshen Acts of 1767 announced there were going to be taxes put on imported goods like glass, tea, paper and lead. SInce colonists were boycotting most of British goods, the Townshen Acts were forcing colonists to pay taxes because some of the necessities couldn't be made in America.
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Political Cartoon

This is the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the speech bubbles emphasize the fact they DO NOT want a monarchy. Instead, they want representative government, freedom and liberty.
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What was the Proclamation of 1763 and how did it affect the relationship between Britain and the colonists? How did the colonists react towards the Sugar Act? Why did Britain pass the Intolerable Acts?

Web Quest Questions

1. Who were important people in the French and Indian War?

2. List four acts the Parliament passed in response to the Boston Tea Party.

3. How did John Adams successfully defend the British Redcoats accused of murder?