Did Containment of Communism Work?

I believe it did and I going to explain why...

Connections of Mao Zedomg

Mao Zedong studied communism and thought it was a great system to be in, so he began trying to convince more people to think communism is okay and better. In order people to follow he created a army called the Red Guards, which followed to help their country become communist. Mao also brought along farmers/peasants to help this led to the Long March.

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Another event that made communism more powerful is that Mao wanted China to become more industrialize, but peasants were focused on growing food and other products. Mao wanted to just be in factories this led to no food to the people, which leaving the people starving and hopeless. The population kept growing and people do not have enough food to eat, many people died because of Mao's decision.

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The cultural revolution which means the change. In this event it's when Mao starts to change the China's way of history and what was done in the pass. His thinking was that the people should not be aware of traditions or ideas. The only thing he wanted for the people of China is to celebrate and be happy to be communist. Mao banned people to believe in religions, people were ALL in the same class, & no one one could deny communism they would be either be killed or put in jail.

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The people of China decided to go to the Tianamen square to express how people really felt about communism. Many people were upset about communism and people were risking their lives for democracy to take place. Red guards killed millions of people with their military tanks and weapons. One strong man stood in front of a tank to stop and the red guard just waited and didn't run him over he is known as the "Tank Man".

Korean War

The war was really to contain communism and U.S. got involved so other countries would not fall into a communist government. At the time Korea was split into 2 equal parts among the 38th parallel. The North was communist and the South remained Democratic. South Korea felt that communism would spread to their country and cause many problems. While in war many victories happened with the U.S., but the Chinese decided to side with the North Koreans. As a result the Chinese invaded the United Nations . The Chinese took everything the U.S. captured. This war killed many Americans. Soon, peace agreements took action to stop war. In the end, while trying to gain more land no side ( North Korea or South Korea) gained anything, both sides remained on the 38th parallel. The Armistice ended the war and still today Americans are still denfencing

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is leading was the to Domino Theory. Vietnam is divided into North and South at the 17th parallel, similar to the Korea. North vietnam is under Ho Chi Minh's control. The U.S. decided to get involved because of fear of communism spreading. Strategies were used in the war. The North Vietnamese followed along Ho Chi Minh's Trail and harsh tactics called guerillas and ending up killing many Americans. When Vietnam defeated the U.S. this was a shock to the the U.S. the reason why its because the Vietnamese had the skills even though the U.S. had the advanced equipment. The war ended when the South Korea surrendered. At the end the two countries united at the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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Overall the containment worke. When the Vietnam War ended and the U.S. went back to America the spread decreased and more and more countries turned into democratic governments and the containtment remained in SW of Asia.