Happy GROWthday!

grow edutainment is 2 year old!

Our second year at a glance

our web site has been launched

about grow edutainment

grow edutianment is a transformation playground for individuals, teams, organizations and communities.

We are number one choice for those who seek in–depth personal and professional transformation, out of box learning methodologies and insightful experiences.

At GROW, we believe that if we are not enjoying the transformation process, then we are doing something wrong.

This is why we have adopted growth formula for all of our learning programs which is education + entertainment = edutainment . That means that our growth programs are not only educative, efficient and effective but also playful, enjoyable, entertaining and fun.

Our unique edutaining environment represents mini model for happy life - that is when people are open to grow themselves & others in a conscious way, use their full potential, have fun, connect and share.

By doing this we help to build healthy relationships, competitive country and fulfilled nation.