Reel History Final

By: Hunter Stone


"Braveheart" was my favorite film that we watched throughout the semester because it portrayed an age of history that I did not know much about. It also told the story of an underdog (Scotland) defeating a major powerhouse (England) to break away and attain their freedom as an independent country. The movie had many battle scenes and a great story line, this is why it was my favorite movie out of all the movies that we watched.
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La Amistad

La Amistad made the biggest impression on me because it showed the hardships that slaves had to go through in early America. The slaves showed toughness and many emotions while fighting for their freedom, even know the language barrier was a big hurtle during their court struggle. The slaves ended up becoming free men due to the help from the president of the United States.
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New World

New World was my least favorite movie because the movie was hard to follow along with and I had a hard time staying awake due to the lack of action and dull story line.
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World War Era

My favorite time period that we covered during this class was the World War Era because they were the biggest battles in History. The World War films had a lot of action and portrayed the Wars very well. This is the area that interests me the most, and I enjoyed watching films about it.
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I thought that colonization was the least interesting out of all the topics that we covered in this class because there was not much action and was mostly about traveling to the New World and getting set up. A lot of the films that covered colonization were older films that had to do with some Englishmen falling in love with a Native American girl and that is just not my type.

Shaping the U.S

The major events from 1600-1945 laid the backbone for today's America. The World Wars, the establishment of a democratic government system and a Constitution have set America on the right track to become a powerhouse country among all others. The civil war brought the two separated sides (North and South) back together and ended slavery in our nation. Immigration is also a big part in early American history because it showed that many people were willing to give up everything they had to come to the New World were freedom rings. The Great Depression was a very tough time period in American History. Many people were financially struggling and they continued to purchase things they desired with credit due to the new technology boom that was occurring during the time period.

How the films affected my image

The films helped me better understand what occurred during the Early American time period. It helped me get a first person view of what life was like back then. It also made me realize the struggles and virtues that people had to go through to get to this great country.