Serbia bans Albanian-language

Serbia bans Albanian-language collection in Kosovo

Who is involved?

Albania and Serbia have been in a long term argument with each other. The Prime Minister of Albania is Edi Rama and the president is Bujar Nishani. The Prime Minister of Serbia is Aleksander Vucic and the president is Tomislav Nikolic.

What is happening, and where is this taking place?

Serbia is working on and planning on banning Albanian language collection in Kosovo. Besides all of the other battles and arguments that are going on between the two countries, this is taking place in Kosovo. Below is a photo of Albanian and Serbian leaders' talking to each other.
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Timeline of events between Arabians and Serbians

  • June 1991 - Yugoslav war ( a series of separate but related military conflicts which, occurred in, and affected most of the former Yugoslav republics)

  • July 1991- Arabian and Serbian relation were strained. (They started opening fire on each other. Serbian leaders accused Albanians of instigating unrest in Kosovo and not respecting frontier markers.)

  • 2008- Kosovo gained independence (Serbia reacted by recalling the Serbian ambassador for consultations in protest from any state recognising Kosovo.

  • 2009- Serbia was asked to re investigate claims that some of the Serbs who disappeared during the Kosovo conflict may have been killed for their organs in Albania)

  • November 2014- Albanian Prime Minister met with Serbian Prime Minister (talk about their relationship with each other)

Why is this happening?

These two groups, the Serbians and the Albanians have attacked each other for a whole. They have been part of the Kosovo War and many others. This time Serbia is banning Albanian language collection in Kosovo.