Where your new life starts


Come to Minnesota to see and live with most magnificent views of land. The recruiters have always said good things about this part of the country like " beautiful and very healthy climate". Come fast because there is only 20 million acres of land for settlers. "The country is fast filling up" writes David W. Humphrey. The land is rich in minerals and treasures. Regard yourself as freed.
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Take advantage of the things you could have, if you move to Minnesota.

  • Build your own church, public schools and state universities on some beautiful land
  • Lots of men working jobs here
  • The land looks like a N. England village
  • Steamboats have been making regular stops at the village of St. Paul for supplies and transporting people since 1848
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In Minnesota, everyone is trustworthy! Everyone, regardless if you are rich or poor, will be living and working together in harmony. There is a big difference here, especially for women. "Even the maids do not have to work in fields" said Friedrich Schmitz.
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