Finding Nemo

By: Marco Tapia


Finding Nemo is about a clown fish named Marlin who lost his family to a baracuda and all he has is one son. He takes his son to school and on his first day he is captured by divers while toughing the butt( a boat). Marlin chases the boat to get his son but he isn't fast enough so he goes on a journey to find him. He meets some friends on the way a fish named Dori who has short term memory loss, Bruce and his friends who don't like to eat fish, sea turtles named Crush ans Squirt, and a pelican named Nigel who shows him his son just to lose him again.
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Finding Nemo 3D Trailer

Major Characters

Alexnder Gould Ellen DeGeneres Albert Brooks

Nemo Dori Marlin

Gould was born in DeGeneres was born in Brooks was born in

Los Angeles, Metairie, LA to parents Beverly Hill, CA

California, to parents Betty and Elliott DeGeneres. to parents Harry

Valerie and Tom Gould. She is a comedian, television Einstein and

He began acting when host, actress, writer, and Thelma Leeds.

he was two, he is most producer. Brooks is an actor,

know for voicing Nemo writer, comedian,

in Finding Nemo. and director. He

wrote the book