News from Room 4

March 11, 2016

What We Will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 4 Week 5- Animal Teams

-Vocabulary: behavior, group, plead, soar, vivid

- Grammar: Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

- Phonics: words with Long e (y, ey)

-Spelling Words: bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny; my, night, or, because

- Skill: Retell

Important Notes:

I really enjoyed meeting with everyone and talking about the amazing growth of your children!

A few things that came up in conferences:

-Play with numbers by; Using Number Pieces or Learning Number Grid on the iPad, making up math problems, and playing math games with dice, playing cards

-Homework Journals start after spring break and are due each FRIDAY

-Books should and WILL be coming home every Friday IF children bring them back on Friday

-Work on the 5 point retell after books

-Discuss opinions and back it up with facts to help with writing opinion papers

Field Trip

I'm still missing a few field trip forms. Let me know if you need a new form.

Math Video

Here is a video Mrs. Offerman made to explain a math lesson. Click HERE to view it.

120th Day

Using team works we put together a 120 number chain.

Big picture

Counting our 120 items

We did SO much better at putting items in groups of 5 or 10 then at the beginning of the year! I didn't see one group that lined the items up in a long, long line. Ya!!!

Important Dates:

March 17th - Don't forget to wear GREEN today!

April 4 -8th: No School, Spring Recess


Christy Campbell