Relationships & Identity

James Pinnuck

Informed conscience

An inform conscience is getting advice and being able to get enough knowledge about something so that you can make a proper and informed decision knowing what positives and negatives that will come out of your action.

Sexual Intimacy

The church is very clear on their teachings for sexual intimacy. The 7th commandment is no sex until marriage. This is why they are so strict on sexual intimacy and why they try to help people make the right decision.


The catholic church only accept two contraceptives. These are:


-Fertility awareness.

They accept these too contraceptives because their is nothing harming a new life or your body.

They don't accept contraceptives that block having a child because a child represents the love you share between each other.

What is a healthy relationship? What is important in a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship starts with the loving the you have for yourself, for others to love you, you have to start by loving yourself. You need to be very honest and truthful in your relationship with another person to form that trust between each other. Another vital part to a healthy relationship would be to communicate whether it be face to face or over the phone. All relationships have their ups and down and you’ve got to expect the relationship to be a learning experience. Don’t ever keep secrets from each other always be 100% honest with each other. It is always important to forgive each other after a mistake or untruthful lie. Always be responsible for your mistakes and for each others safety and it is also very important to spend quality time together so that you form that healthy bond between each other.