Transition Plus

Building Community

Self-Care Presentation

Last Wednesday we had a great presentation on Self compassion from Kelli Skoog. She shared resources and strategies for us.

Kelli Skoog, our EAP onsite counselor will be back giving a 20 minute presentation on Self-Care, building on her talk from this week on Self-Compassion. Please join us in Room 200 at 8:10 am, on Wednesday, May 24th. Let’s finish our school year strong!

If you'd like an individual appointment please call 1-866-326-7194. this is a free service as a benefits eligible employee of MPS.

For further resources, go to: and/or

Discrimination & Harrassment

The ESP staff attended the Discrimination & Harassment in-service on Friday.

If you did not attend this meeting for some reason, please see me to be able to get the information.

Here is the SlideShow if you'd like to review the information.

Licensed Staff will have their in-service on Tuesday May 23.

Transfer Meetings

Thank you so much to all of the staff that has made the transfer meetings run smoothly.

There have been too many team members to name them all both on the high school side and here at T-Plus.

A huge thanks to the social work team for coordinating and facilitating these meetings.

Counseling Corner

Returning student schedules should be close to wrapping up.

Incoming student schedules are due on Friday June 2nd.

End of the Year Barbeque Dates

Staff can discuss details of the celebration- See Brad or Colleen with questions.

  • June 9- all school barbeque (off site) location and food TBD- T-Plus bag lunches + supplemented with grilling and sides.
  • June 13 @ T-Plus Bag lunches and supplemented with grilling

Staff Welcome Reception!

On Tuesday Afternoon, May 23rd at 3 pm we will have a small welcome reception for :

  • Our new counselor - Britt Pennington
  • Our new team 1 teacher- Matthew Hentges

It will be in the JAG room - Room 200- come and grab a drink and a treat!


Vicki Engebretson has been very instrumental this year in getting additional supplies through Donor's Choose. She has applied for many grants and our school has benefited from her grant writing talents.

The two latest successes she has had were:

  1. Working with Sue to get art supplies from a local company and a law firm
  2. Working with Tia to get a new mixer for our Food Prep Class from The Lowes Hotel

We are hoping to build deeper connections with these community partners who have already shown support to T Plus

From Coffee Plus

Dear Valued Customers,

The Food Service class will not be serving a lunch this Wednesday. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're all very busy with special end of the year projects including the Transition Plus "Chopped" Competition. Thanks for your patience and we'll see you next Friday, June 2nd for Breakfast Sandwiches!


Food Service Class

Upcoming Dates

May 23------------Licensed Staff Meeting-----8 am---In-Service

May 23------------Welcome New Staff---------3 pm---JAG room

May 26------------CBI Friday

Kristin Neff: The Three Components of Self-Compassion