LV Technology

by: Samantha Monroy

Career locker

You will researched about our dream job. We find what university had our dream job. I learned about the degrees that you can get.

Haiku Deck

We put our information about our dream job. Everybody presented in front of the class. By presenting everyone could know about that job.

Learn To Type

You learned how to write properly. It helps you to learn what finger goes to the letter. You have to pass intermediate and half of advance to get a three.


We have to find family pictures or videos. You didn't have to presented in front of the classroom. We could decide what topic but real pic and videos.


We learn about computer coding. There was videos that help us to put the way the sign have to go. It teach us how the coding works and how it helps.

Explain Everything

You had to record yourself doing a math problem that you choose. We talked to the iPad and send it to the teacher. You had to be somewhere silent.