Monday Musings

Thoughts from your Headteacher ...



Tickets go on sale today for Aladdin - The Musical. To try and make it fair and also to keep an eye on how many we are selling ( it got a little crowded last year!) we have a staggered release of tickets this year. We are allocating 4 tickets per family to start with - please sign up in the hall if you would like all four. Once these have been allocated, and our VIP tickets sent out then we will put the rest of the tickets on general sale - first come first served. These do not include children under the age of 11 (but please indicate on the ticket sale sheet how many children are coming). £3.50 adults, £2.00 children (up to 16).

DRAGONFLIES THIS WEEK... exciting things happening!

A walk to the park, a trip to a cafe and thinking about 'then and now' - all part of the week ahead for Dragonflies. As part of their 'then and now' theme this week, we would really appreciate if anyone had some 'old' stuff kicking around at home that we could show the children. An old phone? CD player (portable one) - a record player? anything that we could compare with NOW to would be greatly appreciated!

Travelling through time on Friday - Victorians!

We had an amazing day on Friday - travelling back in time to the Victorian Era.. The children spent the morning in Victorian school - and they all loved making their cups and balls. This Friday we are going back to WW2 - if you can, please send them in costume (which is very easy!) but if not.. please do not worry!


If you have purchased a plant for our new garden and you can join us on Saturday morning then please come and plant your plant! We need you to sign up in reception if you are coming please, so that James can go ahead and plant the plants for those of you who cannot be here. As previously said, our big opening of the garden will now be in September but it will be so exciting to see the plants going in!

The tipi is arriving on Sunday 28th and on the 27th the ramp coming out at the back of the hall is being constructed. Great progress!

Inductions into new classrooms.

The first of our induction sessions is on Tuesday this week. Children will be moving into their new rooms for an hour and finding out more about the new room from the children who are already there and their new teacher. I am sure all the children will have a fab morning.


We have had a clear out of the cloakroom and have lots of lost property. Please come and take a look this week. Everything that is left by Friday will be added to the Rag Bag. Thanks!

Parents Evenings - Wednesday 24th June and Wednesday 1st July

Please email or see Jo to book your parents evening slot. We have already had quite a few parents request a different time to these 2 evenings. We are really sorry but last year the teaching staff had the extra meetings stretching over nearly 2 weeks, which is hard to manage at this busy time of the year. We would appreciate being able to keep the meetings to the set evenings. We are always happy to meet with parents throughout the year if you have any particular issues you would like to discuss.

Uniform - Footwear

Just a reminder about school footwear. Children must be in suitable school shoes and not trainers / sandals / fashion boots / crocs etc unless there is a medical reason for any other footwear.

If children have to wear any other footwear at the recommendation of a doctor, then we will require confirmation from yourselves and the doctor as to the reason why and the approximate length of time that different footwear will be required.