Animal Farm

Reid Pfeffer


Boxers first trait is that he is hardworking. My evidence to support that trait is that Boxer got up every morning much earlier than all the other animals so he could work harder. His second trait is that he is a loyal animal. My evidence to support that trait is that he always did whatever Napoleon or any of the pigs asked him to do without hesitation. A quote from Boxer is "I will work harder." The significance of that quote is Boxer always gave everything he did 100% effort no matter what it was that he was doing.
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Theme: The need to be educated

The need to be educated plays a big role in this story. The pigs were able to take full advantage of all the other animals because the other animals could not read or write. The pigs manipulated the other animals in every way possible and were able to essentially do whatever the wanted to do and were able to make the other animals do it for them if necessary.

Important Event: Windmill

A large portion of this story revolved around the animals building a windmill because they believed that it would be a huge part to their survival. The humans, in fact, saw it that way too. They decided to attack the animals and then blow the windmill down so that the animals wouldn't survive and then the humans could take over the land that was known as 'Animal Farm.'
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Symbol: Napoleon is Stalin

Napoleon is like Stalin because Stalin took over Russia and became the leader and Napoleon took over Animal Farm and became the leader. Both characters eliminated any competition or people/animals who were against either one of them being the new leader.
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