Lauren Louis, Vignesh K., Will Seitz, Emily Woodby

History of Badakinisio

Badakinisio was a popular game in Madagascar until it came to American in the early 1750s through the Columbian exchange. It was revered among the Madagascarians, and for centuries Americans have been able to bask in its glory. Once it came to America, it was originally a game played by Native Americans, especially the Choctaw and Caddo tribes, and eventually was passed down to American society. Now it can be found in Casinos across the country, due to Casinos and their Native American affiliations (Ex. Choctaw Casinos).

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All you need is a deck of cards.

1. Remove all joker cards from the deck
2. Shuffle the deck thoroughly
3. Player draws a random card from shuffled deck
4. Look to table to see if the card drawn is a winning card (Every winning card earns player $1. Every losing card costs player $1)
5. Replace Card and shuffle again
6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all nine trials.

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Why You Should Play

Badakinisio is a very unique game and has a high chance of many wins unlike many other games. If you are looking for an interesting challenge with a rewarding end this just may be the game for you!