Mall Jewelry At A Discount!

Would You Like To Have Your Own Jewelry Business?

I Sell Mall Jewelry At A Discount. You Can Too. See Some Of My Inventory Below.

If you're looking to become self employed and you consider yourself entreprenurial, please don't stop until you get to the bottom of this page.

High Unemployment is not going away. Less than 50% of the workforce is employed full-time. Jobs and company's are fragile and can go away at any moment. (Just ask the people who worked at Hostess, Pontiac or Saturn.) Some family's have a stay-at-home parent who would like to contribute to the household income and to the long term goals of the family, but can't commit to the structured schedule of a job. No matter what your situation, being self employed can insulate your family income from swings in the economy and allow you to control your financial future.

I am 72 year old woman and I started my own retail business twenty years ago after a divorce. Considering retirement and considering the current job market, I thought that I would teach others how they can become self employed and financially self sufficient. The fact is you could drop me in any city in the United States and I would be earning an above average income within seven days. Not an exaggeration. Again, my story is real.

I want to show you is how you can start your own business this week that will bring you income by Friday. You should know that this is NOT an internet business, a scam, a work at home opportunity, making money using Facebook or Myspace, or any other experiement you may have read. This involves showing up every day ready to make decisions, run your business, and plan how much success you want to achieve this year. The small investment needed to start your company will be recovered in the first month, so your business should be profitable from day one.

If you are worrying about having great credit, don't worry. You'll be using my credit, suppliers, contacts, and off-shore merchandiser's that I've been doing business with for twenty years. I can also help you select and negotiate your mall contract. It is retail, so be prepared for that kind of a schedule. Others I have helped have partnered two family's together to ensure coverege for all seven days of the week and to provide flexibility in their work hours.

The details: at your retail store you'll be selling the same jewelry, statues, collectables, oils, perfumes, that the big stores sell, only much less expensively, and in a location that draws the customers to you. The very same ring that the mall jewelry store sells for $99 will cost you $19. While you can choose your profit margin, I sell them in volume for $45.

The only criteria required of you is the work ethic to be successful, a professional and welcoming demeanor, and the ability to be coachable on needed business skills. This opportunity is real and you can be working in days in your own business. Feel free to call or email to discuss your next step!