To Connect or Not Connect?

Is this Even An Option in 2014?

Friday 1:30-2:15 Marriott Library

Let's talk about what being connected means and why it is important. There are so many educators who have discovered the power of being connected, but many others who just don't see the value. This conversation will look at the benefits and the costs of being connected in 2014.
Let's define some terms so we are all on the same page.......................

  • Connected Educator

  • PLN Personal Learning Network? Professional Learning Network?

  1. Does the "p" in PLN matter? (Is it more desirable to keep your networking interactions strictly professional or is it good to mix in some personal things as well to help create connections with other people?)

  2. To what extent do we “have” to be connected in order to stay on top of developments in our field? Are teachers responsible for learning above and beyond the PD provided by their districts?

  3. Do educators have a moral imperative to share their ideas to help improve the education of all students?

  4. How do connected educators help those who are not connected see the benefits of connecting? How do we help create communities of learners (both f2f and online) where educators feel they have something of value to add?

    If there is time.....
    What are some ways you have benefitted from being a connected educator?

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