October Newsletter

There's something in the air

Can you feel the change??

The weather is not the only thing changing right now. It is only weeks before we have our friends and family together for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Where has this year gone?

Melaleuca has found a way for us to share our business and store with our friends and family just in time for the holiday season. From October 1st-17th you can help friends and family discover what we have been enjoying all year for only $1.00!. Wether you are a customer only or building your home business I am sure you are still with us because you see what a positive change this company can make.

If you are a customer you will enjoy:

online 24/7 shopping- no lines

High quality products delivered to your door-

patented oligo and over 20 other patented or patent pending products

cutting edge health, weight loss and sports products

online coupons -not need to clip

monthly specials

$100.00 in FREE products your 2-6 months

loyalty dollars every time you shop

Cash/rebates back on over 650 of our partner stores

If you are looking for a home business

Low start up cost

no inventory

no delivery

no parties or pleading for orders every month

Residual income

Satisfaction knowing you are helping other live healthier,wealthier lives

Don;t let the saves pass your friends and family pass them by. Share the saves, quality and benefits this company brings to our every day lives.

Free Convention Tickets- Check out the business incentives to find out how to get yours

New products! How do you share the news?

Melaleuca Holiday catalog is out! Many of the products have already sold out. I placed my first order for this month the very first week and was surprised to find many of the products have already sold out! Don't loose heart, there are more to come but you will have to keep a close eye on when they become available.

This is a great time to use your loyalty shopping dollars. I used mine to purchase the

much talk about treasure from Sei Bella. I have only used this miracle cream a few days and can already tell you I am a very happy customer. The packaging alone is enough to make you feel special every time you use it. I just love the little sliver spoon. Believe it or not I still have some of those loyalty shopping dollars left to spend.

I have been talking about the new products with my friends at football practice and on Facebook. Many conversations are about losing weight for the holidays too. That opens the door to what products I use. Many of us on the go Moms need the Attain shakes before practices to hold us over if we had an early dinner or until we get home to eat dinner. For me word of mouth is where it is at. What have you found that works for you?

Don't forget to have your catalogs out for those unexpected guess. Having products on hand and making sure you have all those good smelling and tasting products out for you guest will get the conversations going too. Allowing people to see that this store is all about replacing the old brands with a new brand. One that is BETTER, SAFER & A BETTER VALUE then what they are using now and with the added Bonus of extra income opportunity.

Finding Freedom Team

Find your freedom working from home.