BOCC Sequel

what really happened to Chris Creed?

The long anticipated sequel to the best-selling The Body of Christopher Creed

When Torey Adams posts on his blog that a body had been discovered in Steepleton- fours years after Chris Creed disappearance reporter Mike Mavic hops on a plane to capture the scene so he can launch his journalistic career. But when the small town is suffering under a cloud of bad frequency people start to wonder if there is a correlation between the disappearnaces the high cancer rate and the high accident rate. To the teens of Steepleton, Chris is nothing but history- but to Justin Creed, a teen obsessed with quantum thought thinks he can bring his brother back by balancing his memory on the edge of sanity. Discovering what happened to Chris Creed is a matter of life and death

Carol Plum-Ucci on why she decided to craft the sequel

Book Reviews

"Plum-Ucci manages to reveal enough backstory while creating a mystery for readers to solve. Twists and turns will keep many readers guessing." -VOYA

"A satisfying psychological exploration of a social milieu as well as a sense of closure to a case that left readers wondering" -The Bulletin

"The careful writing will hold [the] secret under wraps until the startling conclusion... complex and challenging" -SLJ