August Stats

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Happy 2nd Anniversary to Ella Kelecava this month!! (August 28th) Congratulations!!



Kim Moberg: $368

Maggie Braden: $220

Jodi Colby: $214

Tracey St Clair: $59

Liz $1,108

Kim will receive a prize from me for meeting the $300 challenge from last month's newsletter! Way to go! You also, took a suggestion and ran with it, and it paid off big time!


There are some trainings coming this week that would be great to check out! They are mostly on recruiting, & will help you with what to say when an opportunity arises. If not, it'll still help you with turning that verbiage around for booking etc. (I'll post the pics below)

1. Recruiting Call from Katie Richards. PLAYBACK (Only available till Tues before 9:30pm) 605-475-4799 Access code: 565233# Reference number: 4#

2. Mon Sept 7th 9:30 pm. Recruiting 101 facebook event. Go to Believe Team events, then click "join" on this. If you click join, you can go back later to read all the posts if you can't be there. Soak it up!

3. Tues Sept 8th 9:30 pm. TACO Call with Katie Richards. This is a call that you can invite your friends, family, & customers to! If anyone has ever thought about it, OR if you think someone would be great at it, ask them to join! They don't have to talk, they can just listen! 605-475-4700 Access code: 565233# (*6 to mute)

4. TACO Event on facebook. If you'd like to be able to go back to this, please let me know and I'll add you!

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I hope you all received your "Happy Mail." It should've come in your email. I hope you all know how much you all mean to me. I appreciate each of you!


I would like to ask that each of you message, text, or email me with any possible sales, or parties that you have for September. I'm trying to project our sales to plan accordingly. The past 2 months, we have not met our team requirements, and if it happens again this month, I will lose the privilege of being your director. I'd like to start early, and plan for a great month! I know we can do it! September has a GREAT customer special!
Please reach out to me with ANY assistance I can help you with!

If you plan an open house this month, would you like to borrow any new products?
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If you missed the sign ups for this meeting, you can still register from Sept 9-16! Click Attend an Event, then Share Your Gifts, then search for a city. Nicole and I are doing ours on October 6th.