Lincoln's Weekly Newsletter

April 20-24, 2020

Principal's Post

Last week at this time we thought that just maybe we'd be able to come back to school this year and have some time together and wrap things up. Now we know that isn't going to happen. Our current reality will be our reality until May 20th. Are we disappointed? Absolutely! This is not how we ever want to spend the end of this school year. We recognize that the sacrifices we are making, while unpleasant, are in the best interest of ourselves, our families, and our community. We are in this together and we will be making the best of it for as long as we need to!

The second round of packets will be available starting this Friday the 24th. Further along in the newsletter are the detailed directions of what will happen when you come to the building to get your packet. We want to ensure that you are safe and that we don't break any social distancing expectations. The packets are intended to maintain skills and to keep students proficient with grade level standards they have already learned. We are going to be modifying the curriculum at the start of next year to ensure that ALL students are exposed to and learn the information that they didn't get this past quarter. These skills will not be lost or skipped. Students will encounter those skills next school year and will continue to move forward in their next assigned grade.

Helping to ensure your child is ready will include encouraging them to complete the work in the packets. Continuing to practice the skills they have already learned so they are ready to pick up where we left off from this school year in the fall is important. Will the packets be graded? No, they won't. That that should not diminish their importance. Our teachers are referring to them in our zoom meetings and on Dojo and the work is directly tied to important skills that students must master at each grade level. Helping students to understand that the work they are putting in today, will help them reach goals next year in their new grade would be a great conversation to have with your kids. Reiterating that work done today, will pay off "tomorrow".

In addition to a new reading and math packet in the folder, you will also find a supplement science packet and three books. The books are our gift to you to encourage reading while we are out. An easy way to support your lion is to read. Read with them, read to them, have them read to you or to themselves. Read. Read. Read.

We will continue to connect with you through our weekly Monday Newsletter, KCS social media, and through your teachers via Dojo and Zoom. We want to, and need to, be connected with you all during this time apart. Reach out to us, engage us, and let us know that you are out there being part of our great Lincoln Community!

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Pack Distribution for Lincoln--Friday, April 24th and Monday April 27th

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure way for each family to get the second packet for their students at school. The procedures below we are asking you to follow to ensure that any members of our Lincoln Community who might be part of a high risk group are able to safely come to school and get a packet for children in their family. Thank you in advance for your support of this process.

  • Packets on Friday (April 24th) can be picked up between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm from the front office and on Monday (April 27th) from 10:00 am and 5:00 pm also at the front office.
  • There will be spots marked off on the front sidewalk for families to wait in line if more than one family is getting packets at the same time. We ask that you only move forward when the spot ahead of you is empty. Do not stand closely to each other in the line. Please respect social distancing.
  • Once you get to the door please ring the bell. One family group at a time will be admitted. Once one person/family is clear of the lobby/building the next person/family can enter.
  • Upon entering the lobby please see the person behind the window and give them your children's names and grades so we can mark off that they received their packets.
  • A person at the back of the office will gather the grade level packets that are needed for your family.
  • Following the arrows and directional signs, families will exit the lobby and turn toward the auditorium. In the hallway, will be a table with your packets on them.
  • Families will take their packets and exit out the side doors on Waverly just outside the office/auditorium.

Returning of Library Books and getting new books to read

If you have any library books at your house that you need to return please bring them when you get your packet. We will have a box for you to put your library books in to return when you come.

If you need new books don't worry! The little libraries at Lincoln, Mafair, VO Dobins and Palmer Center are restocked with new books for you to enjoy.

Also each packet grades K-5 have three brand new books in them for students to keep and enjoy!

Keep reading lions!

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Resources from the Library

This week Mrs. McReynolds is highlighting Science and Social Studies resources for you all to enjoy!

1. Science - DailySTEM 77 Simple STEM Activities for Families - these are great STEM/Science related activities that you can do with your family using things that you have already have at home or that require no materials at all!

2. TN History for KidsINARS - learn all about the history of the state of TN. Webinars cover topics such as TN geography, people and events.

Mr. Wallingford is Pitch Perfect!!

Check out the link attached to see our very own Mr. Wallingford teach you about pitch!

Here's a link to this week's Music Activity. Make Your Own Guitar!

Spring Pictures and Yearbooks

Due to the need to stop most traffic at Lincoln we have not received spring pictures or yearbooks in our building. When we do receive them we will create a plan to get them out to you all to enjoy. Please be on the look out in future weekly newsletters and notifications from Lincoln regarding spring pictures and yearbooks.

KCS Food Distribution Program

Please click the following link for full details about the KCS feeding program. We encourage all families with children 18 and under to take advantage of this opportunity.

KCS Feeding Program

Playgrounds Closed

As we continue to work with and align with the city on safety decisions, please note that playgrounds will now be closed to the public, starting immediately.

At this time (based on information from the city), other outdoor spaces, such as tennis, tracks, and walking paths, have not been closed. If anything should change regarding this, we will let you know as soon as we are able.


All Tennessee families can sign up NOW for a free subscription to ReadyRosie through September 1.

Through a partnership with the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, families can access ReadyRosie’s Modeled Moments library. Hundreds of short videos available in both English and Spanish, provide families with simple, fun and engaging instructional activities that they can then replicate with their own children and are rooted in learning goals for children on topics such as literacy, early math, health and well-being. These videos help build upon the important work you all do in the classroom.

Parents can easily sign up to receive emails or text messages with curated videos:

Connecting with Mrs. Way and Mrs. Musick

Hey Lions! I am missing you all! I have included a link to a google document for Mrs. Musick and myself. Please fill it out just if you’d like to talk, do an activity with us, play a game, or just check in on how you have been doing. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please look at the smore for updates and resources to assist you all during this time.

To our Lion's from Mrs. Way, School Counselor

Hello Lincoln Lions!

My heart is hurting as I am writing to you all. I hate that we do not get to meet again face to face this school year. I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy during this time. Please make sure you are joining your classroom zoom meetings. That is so important to touch base with our teachers and to keep our relationships with our classmates.If you are playing games or calling a friend, then please remind them to join in on your classroom meetings. It is so important to stay in communication with your Lincoln family. I don't know about you all, but as weeks go on I am finding it harder to find ways to spark joy and kindness in myself and others around me. I have included a sheet with 30 social/emotional ideas that may help you all during this time.


Warriors Path State Park

Looking for some hands on science that you can do in your back yard?? Look no further than Warrior's Path's Facebook page! They have lots of ideas of things that you can do in your back yard.

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frequently asked questions

Question: How can I get the bus to deliver lunches to my address?

Answer: Please call 423-392-4416 and leave a voicemail to schedule delivery.

Question: My child needs additional work/advanced work/modified work.

Answer: Please reach out to your child's teacher. They can provide additional resources at this time.

Question: I worry about my child falling behind academically.

Answer: Packet work is meant to review and maintain what was already taught this school year. We will address any untaught standards when we return to school. Insuring that your child is reading each day is a great way to help them stay on track academically.

Question: My family cannot attend Zoom meetings.

Answer: Zoom meetings are completely optional. Join if you are able. You can also call into Zoom meetings by phone. Your teacher can share directions for joining by phone.

Question: How can we get correct answers for math/literacy problems?

Answer: Please reach out to your child's teacher for help. If you are struggling, there are likely many others feeling the same. Teachers will address questions in Zoom meetings, Dojo, or email. Teachers are constantly asking for additional ways to help students and will be more than happy to assist you.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

(Even when we are at home and missing our school, teachers, and friends! )

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