Lex La-Ray Technical Center

Welcome Back!!

LLRTC Instructors can't wait to see all of our students in person on September 14th!!

Our instructors and staff at the main building and at the Health Science Annex have been diligently working to prepare our building, classrooms, and shops for a fantastic school year.

LLRTC is making student safety our top priority!

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LLRTC Return to Learn Plan

General Information for Students and Faculty/Staff

Lex La Ray is committed to providing a quality education to all students, while also ensuring their safety and well-being. The COVID-19 guidelines developed and presented below follow all applicable local, state, and federal guidelines to the greatest extent feasible, and incorporate many best practices advocated by school associations and groups. The guidelines and protocols outlined in this document are subject to revision as needed to reflect local, state, and federal guidance. Guidelines and protocols may also be revised as appropriate to reflect the needs of local conditions.

  • Students are required to wear masks during arrival and dismissal of each school day (from the parking lot to the classroom), and during passing time for middle and high school students. These are times where larger groups of students will be in small areas at a time.

  • Staff will wear face masks or shields when within 6 feet of students.

    • If a student or faculty/staff member is unable to obtain masks, Lex La Ray will provide them. Homemade masks are acceptable but must meet school dress code guidelines.

    • Masks must be in clean, sanitary condition. Cloth masks should be washed daily.

    • Students may not share masks.

  • Students will be guided to wash hands multiple times per day.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at multiple locations throughout the school

    • Drinking fountains will not be used, except for the bottle filling capabilities.

      • Students should bring personal water bottles from home. They should be labeled with the student name, and in clean, sanitary condition.

    • Social distancing will be observed to the extent possible by all faculty, staff and students.

    • Daily sanitizing and disinfecting will be a priority at all district facilities. MS/HS students will sanitize desks at the end of each class period using wipes.

    LLRTC sanitation will occur in between the am and pm sessions. Sanitation will occur in classrooms, shops, hallways, and bathrooms.

    • Attendance incentives for students will cease and attendance policies will be implemented as recommended by Federal, State and Local school attendance guidelines. Staff and/or students who are sick need to stay home.

Entry and Dismissal Procedures

Upon exiting the bus, students that are in Computer Maintenance & Networking, Building Trades, Welding, Culinary Arts, Collision and Repair, and Auto Technology will enter through the gate located between the building and the tennis courts. Students in these programs will use the shop entrances to enter their classrooms. Health Occupations students will enter the building through the front door.

This will be the same procedure for dismissal.

Dismissal will be staggered to limit the traffic in the hallways and exterior of the building.

Staff Contact Information LLRTC and Health Science Annex

Amanda Finkeldei, Director

Marcy Pence, Administrative Assistant

Rodney Wolken, Automotive Technology

John Harden, Collision Repair

Susan Johnson, Culinary Arts

Nathan Day, Industrial Welding

Jamie Bergsieker, Health Occupations 2

Krysta Small, Health Occupations 1

Monika Masuda, Computer Maintenance and Networking

Adam Boyd, Building Trades

Rachelle Banhart, Early Childhood/Teaching Professions

Lynn Schumacher, Vocational Resource Educator

David Cavanah, Career Education Counselor

Paige Pence, Adult Education/Financial Aid Supervisor

Keely Gould, Adult Education Administrative Assistant

Tracy Lock, Practical Nursing Coordinator

Jane Scott, Practical Nursing Instructor

Tammie Smith, Practical Nursing Instructor