TK Weekly Class Newsletter

Week of September 19, 2016

Smooth Sailing

Dear Parents,

We hope you have been as excited as we are with all that our kids are learning, doing, and being. Mrs. B and our wonderful TA are helping each one adjust beautifully and they are already growing so much! Thank you to all the parents who have been graciously donating their time, money and support, because it's all starting to come together :)

Mystery Readers

Starting next week, Mrs. B will welcoming 1 Mystery Reader into the classroom to join the kids on Thursdays. Sounds mysterious, doesn't it? You can learn more details about the who/what/when/where and sign up here:

A big thank you to Class Room Parent Michelle, who is our Sign Up Genius Guru, keeping us organized for all our classroom needs! :)

Our Classroom Rug is Here!

Thank you to Heather, one of our Classroom Parents (who is also a teacher!), for being the force behind purchasing (at a big discount!) the right room rug. We've already installed it as of this afternoon and it is big, gorgeous and ready for our kids to use comfortably. Mrs. B was SO excited! And, we re-allocated the old rug and it's making our library area cozy - so it is still being used. Another thank you to all the parents who brought in their $20 today. If you forgot (like me, Judy!) then please bring it in as soon as you can, because Heather kindly paid in advance for us all.

Playground Safety

Parents, we've been advised it's best to not play ball in the mornings, because our cozy yard is full of parents, teachers, and kids. Apparently, some kids have gotten hurt and learned this the hard way. Please keep all our kids safe by not using the balls during that time. The kids have access to the balls during their other visits to the yard.

Classroom Clean Up and Supplies

If you've got some extra paper towels, wipes, floor cleaner, lysol, an extra mop and swiffers, etc lying around the house, please bring some in and leave with Mrs. B. We are running out of all of those. If you prefer to give us the $$ and we can purchase on your behalf, we are happy to do that too. Also, in case you didn't know, we've only got 1 custodian for the whole school. While he tries his best, there is just too much to do. That's why we've got to be the ones making sure our class is broomed, mopped, tables wiped down, and bathroom cleaned with bleach, etc. Please keep signing up here!

Thursdays are Show and Tell Days

A friendly reminder that this Thursday, and every Thursday, is Show and Tell Day. Please mark your calendars. For that day, your child will need to bring in a special item from home. This week, our class will focus on the letter Mm. Your child can bring in a mat, a monkey friend, anything with Mm.