"Once a Sandburger, Always a Sandburger"

The Latest Updates..

Hello Sandburgers~

Hope all is going well and everyone is safe and sound. On Friday, Dr. Schuler announced overall plans for CUSD200. Then on Monday, he shared in-person details for the elementary schools. I said that I would follow up as specifics pertaining to Sandburg came to light. I come to you today with some of those details. Before I share, I would like to personally thank the district and Sandburg staff for their time, due diligence and participation with planning. Several Sandburg staff participated on our Re-opening Committee and many of the details that follow are a result of that collective collaboration.

Tomorrow I will be passing along a Facebook Live link so that you are able to get a sneak peek inside Sandburg and see all of the preparation and safety measures put in place for in-person learning. Be on the lookout for that.

Also, I would like to reiterate my sentiment from last week's newsletter. Regardless of which school journey (Virtual Academy, In-person, or homeschool) your family has opted for, WE are a community. We are here for you should you have any questions or need guidance.

Stay safe,


School Hours...

School Hours are...9:00am-1:00pm

Half Day AM Kindergarten...9:00-11:00am

First day of School:

1st- 5th grade...September 1st

ADK and AM Kindergarten...September 2nd

Staffing for the 2020-21 School Year...

As of today, this is our tentative grade level staffing for the 2020-2021 school year:

KDG: Mrs. Russo (ADK), Miss Duran (ADK), Mrs. Martinez (AM-K)

1st Grade: Ms. Benoit, Mrs. Filisko, Miss Virgilio, Miss Owens

2nd Grade: Miss Deinert, Mrs. Rey, Miss Severyns, Miss Showalter

3rd Grade: Mrs. Georganas, Mrs. Kirschbaum, Mrs. Krause

4th Grade: Ms. Newhouse, Miss Vachlon, Miss Williams

5th Grade: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Huggins

PACE: Mrs. Mansour

Classroom Assignments...

You will be able to view your child's classroom teacher on Thursday, August 27th at 4:00 PM. Virtual Academy classroom teachers will be available on Friday, August 28th, as will be the south side school classroom assignments. These times are staggered so that ParentVUE does not experience extreme traffic. Simply login into ParentVUE to retrieve this information. Please take a moment while you are in ParentVUE to review all of your contact information, including emergency contacts, and update those if needed. Also be sure to update your email addresses to ensure that you receive communication from the school. You can include multiple addresses if you would like.


BASP will be available, but space will be limited. Times for BASP are as follows:

7:30 to 9:00AM

1:00 to 4:30PM (lunch will be served)

If you are interested in BASP, please use this link to access the registration form.


We are currently working out details of hosting kindergarten supply drop off. This will look dramatically different than previous years, but we are hoping to provide a modified version this year as entry into elementary school is a treasured milestone. This will be available for ADK and half day. More to come...

Instructional minutes for kindergarten can be found below.

Grab and Go Lunch & Breakfast...

Option for home...Students who want to purchase a lunch to go, or who receive lunch from the school, will be able to take a grab and go lunch home. Breakfast for the following morning will be given to students at the time they receive their grab and go lunch.

BASP...Students who stay for BASP will have lunch in the lunchroom, and BASP room, with seats 6ft apart.

Safety Procedures...

Bus Students...

Bus Routes: The bus routes will be emailed to all families who ride the bus, before school starts.

Bus Stop: Students riding the bus are expected to wear face masks at the bus stop and to practice 6ft. social distancing. We will need parent assistance in ensuring these expectations are followed.

Bus Seats: On the first day of school a staff member will be riding the bus to assign students seats for the school year. Students are expected to sit in these seats to/from school each time they ride the bus. Students will be sitting with their sibling if they have a sibling on the bus. Students must wear face coverings the entire time they are on the bus. Please review this expectation with your child(ren) in advance.

Arrival & Entry Points: When the bus arrives at school, students will exit the bus and walk to their assigned door, which will be announced the same day as class assignments are published. Please know that your child is being assigned the door closest to their classroom to ensure social distancing. This will be a slight change from past procedures. Students will walk with their face coverings on as they make their way to their classroom.

Dismissal: Students will remain in the classroom at the end of the day until there has been an announcement to meet their bus. This is a change from past procedures where all students were gathered in the lunchroom and dismissed from there for their bus. When their bus has arrived and their classroom has been called down they will walk toward the multi-purpose room where they will be escorted to the bus.


Students who walk to and from school will need to be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. They will walk directly to their assigned exterior door once they are on school property. Once they arrive at the door they will immediately gain entry and go directly to their classroom.

Students will be dismissed from their classroom doors, and exit out the same door they entered at the start of the school day.

Car Riders...

Arrival: Upon drop off, cars will drop off students on the northeast side of the building on the blacktop. Students will walk to their assigned door. We anticipate more car riders this year, and will need parents to pull all the way forward, so that we can exit as many children from cars in a timely manner. All students will need to exit their car on the passenger side and be wearing a mask when they exit the car. Parents will need to stay in the car to keep the line moving, so please practice with your child exiting the car on their own. Staff will be outside to assist. Kindergarten students and siblings of Kindergarten students can continue to be dropped off in the front driveway and make their way to the doors 3 and 4 (All Day Kindergarten) or door 5 for AM Kindergarten depending on their classroom teacher assignment.

Entry Points: Students will be entering the building through their assigned doors. This is a shift from previous practice where all students entered through main entries. This will allow greater social distancing and fresh air for students when they walk around the building. The exception is for kindergarten, which will enter at their classroom door after drop off in the front driveway (facing Jewell Road).

Dismissal: All car riders (and walkers) will be dismissed from their assigned exterior door. They will need to walk to the car pick up area where they will wear masks and social distance to wait. It will be VERY important for students to be watching for their car, so that we can efficiently assist all students getting into their cars quickly. Drivers will need to pull all the way up and continue to pull forward as cars exit and space becomes available. Staff will be available to assist students finding their cars.

Social Distancing & Health

Masks: Students will need to wear masks throughout the school day. Students will be able to remove masks at an outside mask break where students will remain 6ft apart outside.

6ft: All student desks are separated by six feet. Students will maintain 6ft social distancing with masks throughout the day. A staff member may assist a student within the six feet while wearing masks and for less than 15 minutes of contact time.

Bathrooms: There will be one student permitted at a time in each restroom throughout the building ensuring social distancing.

Instructional Minutes...

  • English and Language Arts: 120 minutes for grades K-2 and 90 minutes for grades 3-5
  • Math: 60 minutes for all grades
  • Science/Social Studies: 30 minutes for grades K-2 for 3x/week and 45 minutes for grades 3-5 5x/week
  • Please split this time in half for half day kindergarten students.
  • PE/Art/Music: Students in all grades K-5 will have either PE, Art, or Music asynchronous each afternoon. A link will be shared with students through Google Classroom for them to access their asynchronous special.

Mask Breaks: Students will have opportunities throughout the day to have a mask break. Teachers will be making sure that students have a break each day where they will be outside and 6ft apart to remove their masks (smile breaks). We have added several outdoor learning spaces outside, one of which will be under a tent to provide additional shade during these breaks.

Snacks: Teachers will have the flexibility to build in a snack break during the scheduled mask breaks. Snacks must be provided from home. It is suggested that students bring a leak proof spout water bottle.

General Information...

Volunteers: It is beyond unfortunate that we will be unable to have volunteers working in classrooms. We sure hope that this doesn't have to last too long. Our apologies and deep loss at this time.

Late Arrival: Students who arrive late due to appointments will sign themselves in the foyer and head to class on their own.

Material Drop Off: Should a student forget an item, we ask that it be dropped off in the foyer with their name labeled on it. We will be sure to deliver items to students.

Extra Supplies: We have a couple of additions to class supply lists. All students will need to bring a hand sanitizer to keep at their desk, and a beach or bath towel for sitting on when we rotate to outdoor spaces. Also, if your family would be able to donate a roll of paper towel that would be wonderful!!