Come and see the Louvre musem


Come and see the Louvre

Come and see the louvre musem. It has historicals painting and monuments. It also has the most gratest painting of all the Mona Lisa. You can see many historical things. In this musem you can rent a phone that tells you what is evrything and where evrything came from. The Louvre has the most modern phramid in the world. You have to come and see it. This musem is very unique. Many great paintists and sculpters there art is there. The Mona lisa is the best painting in the musem. There are many different things in the musem. The things that there are very old . all of them have a history . they all came from differnet parts of the world. They are worth alot of money. All of them came from famous artists or sculptures. Other thing were found from other parts of the world. Inside the musem is enormous. Some of the musem is underground. The Phiramid is made of glass and a big foutain sorrunds it. Many people go to the musem every year.
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