Kirsten Innes

A Flyer About Me for EDIM 503 (u01a1)

My Teaching Background

I have been teaching for over 25 years. I started as a 2nd grade assistant, then got my own classroom! I taught fourth grade for 5 years, then had a forced more to 5th grade, where I remained for another 5 years. A colleague of mine left our school to teach somewhere close to home. After a year, she took a newly created position of Media Specialist. The following week, the Reading Specialist position that she really wanted opened up. The only way she could move was to find a replacement for the Media Specialist. She called me! It was the best move ever! I have had different titles, but the same position for the past 15 years. Right now I am called the Information Specialist. I love my job! I am in charge of both the library and computer lab at Prairieview School, serving PreKindergarten through Fourth Grade. I get to teach not only the students but our staff as well. I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, 1/2 a Masters in Library Science-it just wasn't my thing- and now am almost done with my Instructional Media degree. I am very fortunate to have the position I have and that I have earned the respect of my colleagues!

I am a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator. I am a SMART Certified trainer in most of their products, a SMART Exemplary Educator, and Google Qualified-that means I didn't make the videos, but I passed the tests. I take every opportunity to learn new skills that I can and look forward to continuing that learning here!

I am a wife and mother of 2 very active and involved children! In my free time I coach recreational cheerleading, no I have never been a cheerleader! I live in Northern Illinois and cheer for the Cubs, Bears and the Hawks! Let's bring that cup home, boys!!

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A Successful Use of Tech for Differentiating Instruction

I am lucky in that I work with all of the students in our building. I teach the students how to use a tool, then let them free with it. There are times when I have to have the students do exactly what I instruct, but I like to have the students show what they know in creative ways. I love to let them explore the tool after I share the basics. They always take it farther than I do.

One example of that is our third graders create their own presentation for the student led conferences in February. There are requirements of what they need to share and the teachers like it all on a certain order. The differentiation comes in how they share that. Students create animations, movies, voice overs, drawings, text, etc. Whatever they want to do to share. They are always proud of the finished product and, even though all classes create presentations, no two presentations are the same. They reflect the personality and skills of the individual student.

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