Hospital Management System

ACGIL - Customized Hospital Management System Software

ACGIL provides powerful hospital end-to-end solution developed to deliver key comprehensive benefits to clients across the globe. Electra HMS solution fulfills the clinical, financial and administrative requirements, giving a centralized accessibility of each department in the hospital. The HMS system has a facility to give a unique id and password for every authorized hospital personnels and stores the information of every patient and the staff members automatically. It also provides a search facility to know the present status of wards, patients, appointments, billing, labs, medicines and physicians availability in a hospital.

The Hospital Management System includes registration of patients, storing their information, medical history records into the system, creates computerized billing reports in the pharmacy and labs. It is a web-based system for better accessibility. It has the capability to promptly capture and manage the patient details. The system gives seamless integration of current standalone systems into an extensive healthcare solution to improve diagnostic and services in a hospital. To get more details, visit -

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