Yourself Online

Be Safe My Friends

Protect Your Identity

you can protect you identity by:

  • Fake phone number
  • Fake Identity on social websites
  • don't give away personal information
  • don't trust people you meet online

it is a good idea to do all these things when your online because it could really help you in the future

Have A Good Digital Foot Print

Some good effects of having a good digital footprint are:

  • having better jobs
  • getting into better schools
  • Have friends that respect you
  • People will respect you
  • you will feel better about yourself

Pros and Cons of Using Technology


  • Some technology is portable
  • You can work
  • Can use it almost anywhere
  • Interact with people


  • Cyber-bullying
  • Hacks
  • loose face to face interaction
  • Cheating

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Guaranteed To Stay Safe