William Shakespeare

The greatest author


  • William Shakespeare was the third of eight children.
  • The two children before him died from the bubonic plague.
  • The brothers and sisters of William Shakespeare is Joan, Margaret, Gilbert, another Joan, Anne, Richard , and Edmund.
  • They all were sons and daughters of John and Mary Shakespeare.


  • Williamshakespeare worte 38 palys,2 narratives, and 154 sonnets.
  • He became one of the greatest writers of poets.
  • Shakespeare worked in the London Theater world.

Interesting Facts

  • Play wright Robert Greene pens a scathing critique of Shakespeare calling him an "upstart crow."
  • Shakespeare published "Venus and Adonis"he dedicated it to his patron Henry wroithesley, the Earl of southampton.
  • William Shakespeare was married at 18 to Anne Hathwey she was 26.

Impact On Today

  • William Shakespeare plays was so popular we made movies of them.
  • Shakespeare is the most Quoted writer in the history of the English- speaking world.

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