Worth the Wait Alterations

Quality Work+Fair Price+Flexible Schedule=Happy Customers

My name is Amber Wait. I'm a stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy. Much to my joy and satisfaction, I have begun sewing again.

I strive to make the experience as easy for the customer as possible. Since I work at home, I am quite flexible on drop off and pick up times. I always give an estimate before work begins and will be upfront about my thoughts on how best to tackle your item.

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My competencies include, but are not limited to the following.

Hemming men's and women's pants - $6

Altering dresses - $10 for length, $15+ for side seams and bust
Putting in Bustles - $25

Repairing Zippers - $5 for normal, $8 for invisible plus materials
Custom Curtains - $15 per panel plus materials

Repairing Rips - usually $2 per inch
Button Repair - $1 per button

Cloth Diaper Elastic Replacement - $2 per leg or back elastic length

Taking the waist in or out of dress pants - $10

Pricing based on normal circumstances and may increase in special cases. Will discuss before work begins.