Overton Library Overview

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Whether you are new to JOHS this year (welcome!) or a returning teacher (welcome back!), we'd like to take a moment to say hello, introduce ourselves, and remind you of all the resources that we can offer you as your school's librarians! I hope you will find this to be a helpful overview with information that will help you get started this school year.

Table of Contents

  • Meet Your Library Staff
  • What We Do
  • Basic Library Information (Library Website, Sending Students to Library)
  • Library Resources and Technology (Library Resources, Laptop Carts, Library Space, Limitless Libraries)

Meet Your Library Staff

What We Do

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We are committed to supporting teachers and students! Here are a few examples of things we do and services we offer. We can:

  • Help you/your students find resources and texts to support your curriculum in books, databases, and online sources
  • Share new technology tools with you, and help you implement them in your classroom
  • Help you plan units of instruction using texts/library resources/technology
  • Help you teach your students about information literacy skills (finding information, evaluating information, citing sources, close reading, etc.)
  • Help your students (and you!) find excellent books to read for fun!
  • Support literacy efforts all around the Overton community (encouraging reading, helping you share the joy of reading with your students, etc.)
  • And pretty much anything else you might need! We are open-minded about ways we can support you, so PLEASE ask if you'd like our help or if you have an idea you'd like to explore!

Jennifer works mainly with the Health Science and EMMP Academies, Lori works mainly with Engineering and IT Academies, and we both work with the Freshman Academy to make sure we nurture our newest Bobcats. However, you can always ask either of us (or Rachel, our library clerk) for anything you need. We can't wait to meet all of you!

Basic Library Information

Sending Students to the Library

  • Library hours are 6:45 AM until 3:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 6:45 until 2:30 PM on Fridays.
  • Students can visit the library before school, during lunch, or after school without a pass. During class, students will need to come with a pass from their assigned teacher for that block/period. Please use the official JOHS Hall Pass (available from Ms. Carter in the Health Science office) to send students to the library.
  • Feel free to send students from your class to the library as long as they have an academic purpose. That might be to check out a book, read quietly, work on homework, use the computers for a school project, etc. Please don't send students who just want to hang out when they've finished their work in class.
  • Library passes/notes should include student name, teacher's name, time/date, and the purpose for the student's visit (to read, check out a book, do research, use a computer, work at tables, etc.) See below for an example!
  • As students arrive in the library, they'll be asked to present their note and sign in on the iPad station at the library's Information Desk. Teachers can view library sign-ins here to ensure that students made it successfully to the library. (We recommend bookmarking that link on your desktop so you can refer to it anytime!) If this link is not working, check with library staff - we occasionally have to update it.
  • Teachers can send up to 5 students to the library at a time. If you need to send more, please call library staff to be sure there is room. (The reason for this: if every teacher sent 5 students to the library, we'd have quite a full house! We want to make sure students get the support and resources they deserve when they visit us.)
  • We request that substitutes do not send students to the library. Please include that information in your sub plans.
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Library Website

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Our library website can be found at www.overtonlibrary.com - it is packed with resources for you and your students. Please explore it when you have a chance! In the meantime, here are a few highlights:

Library Resources and Technology

Library Resources

We have TONS of things to make your life easier and support your curriculum. Just a FEW examples:

  • books, DVDs, playaways, audiobooks, etc.
  • technology resources that can be checked out (iPads, cameras, projectors, etc.)
  • a professional library with teaching-related books and curricular DVDs
  • a Makerspace equipped with lots of hands-on activities for students
  • online resources for all subject areas
  • and more!!

If you're not sure if we have something, just ask! We are always looking for suggestions and ways to support you and your teaching. Also, if you have requests for specific materials/books/subscriptions, send them our way!

Technology Resources from the Library

We have a plentiful number of ELMO document cameras and MimioTeach bars (which enable your white board to become interactive - i.e. you can control your computer from the front of the room instead of at your computer). These can be checked out for the entire school year as long as supplies last!

We also have a few iPads, portable DVD players, projectors, etc. that can be borrowed for short-term use in your classroom.

See a member of library staff for details!

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Reserving Laptop Carts

There are several laptop carts placed around the building that will be available for you to reserve when you need computers for your class.

Some teachers have laptop carts stationed in their room. These teachers are expected to share their carts with other teachers around them, and they are encouraged to develop their own system for scheduling and sharing their cart with neighbors. Feel free to ask a nearby teacher that has a cart if you can use it for a day/class period. If you would like a list of which teachers have a laptop cart housed in their classrooms, feel free to ask us!

If you are unable to borrow a cart from a neighbor, we also have two laptop carts that can be reserved through the library. This is done via SignUp Genius. Please be courteous to your colleagues when reserving carts - keep the number of days you reserve to a reasonable amount. The general guideline is no more than 3 A/B days in succession (or 6 days total). Teachers are responsible for transporting carts to and from their home location. ALWAYS leave carts plugged in when you return them, and ALWAYS return them on time! The library staff can answer any questions you might have about cart checkout.

The link to reserve a library cart is posted on the library website here: http://www.overtonlibrary.com/library-calendars

Reserving Library Space/Time

The library has several spaces that can be reserved if you'd like to bring your class down to use them. These spaces are:

  • the computer lab - 32 desktop computers in the library
  • the "garage classroom" - tables and chairs for 36 students
  • the "main library" space - tables and chairs for 32 students (the area behind the circulation desk)
  • the library café (not available during lunch - better for more informal gatherings)

See below for images!

If you want to reserve any of these spaces, just contact any of the library staff (Lori, Jennifer, or Rachel) by phone, e-mail, or in person! If you'd like to preview the calendar to see if your dates are available, you can do that on the library website here: http://www.overtonlibrary.com/library-calendars

When we schedule instruction with your class, we can use any of these spaces, OR we can come to your classroom. We are also happy to schedule time for you to bring your classes to the library for book checkout!

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Limitless Libraries is a MAGICAL program that we are fortunate to have here in MNPS. It enables every MNPS student and teacher to use all of the resources at the Nashville Public Library easily and seamlessly.

Highlights of Limitless Libraries

  • All teachers and students have a library card and can check out materials through the public library. These materials can be delivered to school! We receive deliveries DAILY throughout the school year.
  • To request materials, visit www.limitlesslibraries.org and search the catalog. When you are asked to login, your card number is your employee ID # and your PIN will be 2018.
  • For student accounts, the card number is their 9-digit student ID number, and their PIN is their birthday in the format MMDD. (e.g. My birthday is October 19; my pin would be 1019.)
  • We have access to additional databases and online resources through Limitless Libraries: https://www.limitlesslibraries.org/high-school/research-tools

If you need assistance activating your educator account, see a member of library staff and we'll get you going! We can also answer any questions you might have about LL.

If you made it to the bottom...you're a champ! Thanks for reading, and see you soon!