My digital Dossier

maria 7E =^.^=

when I was little

when I was little my digital dossier stared before I was born like everyone else. It first started when I was in my mom stomach. They first take a photo of me in her stomach to see ( my gender, if I may be sick, or anything like that) and that all goes into documents and stuff about me.

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When I was just a little bit older

When I was 4 and up I used the computer and played games. Like barbie and stuff like that. And that would add to my digital dossier. Also when I got a bit older I would signed up to games unknowing what private and personal meant. But now I do. Also I would go online and watch shows on the computer like sailor moon and other things.
sailor moon opening 5

Right Now

Now I know what to and don't do online. Also I know all kinds of stuff like private and personal or not to chat with strangers. Also now I use more and more social media. Like You tube, Instagram and more. And I would know what to post and not to post. I would have to be careful unlike when I was little when I really didn't care what I did but now I do. And I'll use technology as long as I live because that's a basic thing in life now these days.


When I die My digital dossier will still on on. My digital dossier will keep on going when I die because people might put it on social media and stuff. If I die famous maybe i'll be know for a much much longer time or if I die like a loner maybe no one will really care or my death will not last long and people will forget after generations.