Student Accountability

Reinforcing the TEKS through Independent Reading

"Providing students with sufficient time to read during the day is important, but it is equally important that students are meaningfully engaged in their reading task, actively develop their skills, and receive regular feedback from the teacher about their learning". (p. 10)

Results from the Independent Reading Survey

Survey will be released to all Reading teachers in the first round. Once those results are in the survey will be sent out to the rest of the staff.

-The results shown will highlight what Schulze is already doing to keep students accountable for their independent reading.

Schulze Classroom Examples- Will be updated at a later point

Reading & Writing Connection

"The reading-writing connection has weakened. Assisting students in decoding written questions and forming their responses in writing, providing evidence from the text and their own ideas to support their opinion, is necessary to build into a reading block." (p. 14)

Examples & Ideas

Time to Collaborate

1. Make sure you're sitting with your grade level.

2. Log into Engrade and check out the current six weeks or the next six weeks.

3. Work with your team to pull some of the Readiness objectives.

4. Create some Independent Reading accountability pieces you can takeaway and implement.

Share time

The reality is that most of our students are not reading on grade level, so it would benefit them and us as well to share.


1. Flip your playing card over. Look for the same suite in order to find your team.

2. Every person will have 1-2 minutes to share their accountability piece.

Twitter #schulzelearns

Once you and your students are in the groove of things be sure to tweet a picture! #SchulzeLearns

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